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About US
 LBP  MICROFINANCE  PLC  is  a private institution received licensed from the National Bank of Cambodia in August 2016 as a microfinance institution. Our main mission is to provide Cambodian entrepreneurs with sufficient fund to invest in their businesses and to support the needs of Cambodia's People through our loan products and services. Our main efforts are focused on providing clients with small and medium credit services, competi­ tive interest rates and affordable loan term aimed to satisfy the customers in using our loan servic­ es with effective and sustainable. Our management team are quali­ fied with expertise, knowledge, and years of experiences in the financial sector, including a solid source of funding that can ensure   The growth, stability and sustaina­ bility of LBP.Furthermore, we invest in an automated Loans Manage­ ment System that can ensure the corporate and consumer informa­ tion's security and also performs an important role in managing data, reporting and encouraging  rapid and reliable customer services. In addition, We have also partnered with WING (Cambodia) Limited Specialized Bank, Truemoney (Cam-bodia) Limited and Viettel (Cambo­ dia) PTE (eMoney) which allows all LBP's customers be able to make their repayment either via mobile phones or agents of the above three companies anywhere in Cam­ bodia, which simplify and minimize the customers' risk in carrying the money to LBP's office.   We observe that 2020 was a challenging year, with the spread of Covid-19 affecting the Cambodian economy and financial markets as well as the rest of the world. Like other countries, Cambodia has been hit hard by the spread of Covid-19, which has led to negative economic growth in many areas. Competition in the financial sector is not only the quality of services and prices, but also more advanced technology, which requires banks and financial institutions to strengthen and invest in technology to meet their individual needs. At the same time, there has been a worldwide pandemic of the virus 19 Covid, which will affect economic growth in all sectors. Hopefully there will be a vaccine against Covid 19 and no more fears of a vicious virus in the near future.   Finally, we would like to express our deepest thanks to all our custom­ ers, shareholders, Board of Direc­ tors and staff, and especially to the National Bank of Cambodia for supporting us in 2020. Best wishes to you and your family in 2021 for happiness, success, work and business, quality and efficiency. 
LBP MICROFINANCE Plc is a public limited company that was established and funded by two local Cambodians, Lok Oknha LAY BUN PA and Lok Chumteav LAY CHHUNNY. LBP MICROFINANCE Plc formally received its operating license from the National Bank of Cambodia on the 31st August 2016. LBP MICROFINANCE Plc is a private institution that provides financial services to Cambodian entrepreneurs and SMEs with a competitive interest rate and flexible loan terms to ensure the best deals to its customers. Furthermore it aims to improve the living standard of Cambodians in a sustainable manner.